The community of design nerds.

Nerdabe was built by designers, for designers.

The process behind design is explored in every single video we produce. We’ll never create a tutorial video for the newest software update. You can find those videos online (and for free). Our classes focus on the “why” and the “how” behind good design. Our main goal is to create a curated platform for the designers that are tired of sifting through hundreds of other “how to” videos about massages or watering your cactus. Nerdabe was founded on the idea that the software or tools you use is not the key to good design. The process and thinking behind any project is where the magic happens. That thinking is what drives us and what powers the Nerdabe community.

How are Nerdabe classes different from other online courses?

Nerdabe creates professionally produced courses that are engaging and easy to follow. Classes are design-focused always, meaning we don't create unnecessarily complex videos with lots of technical jargon. In other words, these are not “how to” tutorials. Each video is taught by an industry professional and curated so your experience as a designer is completely tailored. Many of our classes focus on the process of a designer’s work, starting from a creative brief all the way to delivery. Our classes are meant to teach you to see design in new ways and ultimately implement these learnings into your own work.

How do I teach a Nerdabe class?

Visit our “Become a Teacher” page. Nerdabe is enthusiastic about pushing the boundaries of design and art, and works with teachers that share the same energy and drive. We approach our Nerdabe teachers like partners, because this community would not be a reality without their impressive work and processes. Nerdabe is proud to be one of the only online learning platforms with the highest compensation rate. Connect with us to learn more.

What type of classes should I expect to find?

Nerdabe is growing and expanding - and our goal is to have a course for every designer out there. From illustration to 3D to textile design and more. Make sure to check back in regularly for new classes and updates.