The Complete Branding Guide
with Dan Feldman
1h 44m — 9 Lessons In English
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Join Dan Feldman, an expert brand designer with over 10+ years of experience, as he takes us through a start-to-finish comprehensive branding project.
Dan will begin by walking us through his own process for scoping a branding project, and how to formulate a timeline and budget if you’re a freelance designer. Next, we’ll dive into the brand strategy, which consists of four exercises: a Brand Matrix, Brand Statement, Brand Pyramid and Brand Attributes. These short exercises will inform and anchor the overall branding design for all of your future projects.

Dan will then work through a branding example created specifically for this Nerdabe class. The client is called Nucleus, a construction technology company. Dan will start with the creative concepting phase which includes moodboarding, and then move into three rounds of Visual Identity’s. This involves creating a logo and icon, style tiles, brand elements, and exploring typography, color, and photography.

This is a great class for experienced designers that know the tools and techniques but want some extra tips to enhance their own process. This is also a perfect class for beginner-level designers looking to understand a top to bottom branding project.
→ Adobe Suite
→ Pen and paper to take notes
Dan Feldman
Dan has an extensive background in building and launching consumer-facing brands. Previously working at a range of branding agencies, he most recently served as an in house designer for various startups to help them scale. Dan's focus on the intersection of brand and UX has helped him in creating experiences that are as surprising as they are delightful. As a generalist and fast learner, he can flex across a range of challenges, softwares, and mediums to consistently deliver great work.