Design & Animate a Social Media Spot
with Pedro
1h 49m — 10 Lessons In English
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You’ve taken animation classes before. But have you taken an animation class that walks you through the artist’s design process? Join Pedro Piccinini as he creates a short, social media animation for a fictitious client, Missing Mochi. Watch this course to see how Pedro breaks down his entire motion design process from start to finish.

Pedro will start by analyzing the creative brief and coming up with creative concepts based on his ideation process. This section will also provide you with tools to help you maximize your creativity in your own work.

Next, he’ll take you through his entire sketching process, all the way to storyboarding, adding color, and how to make a useful animatic in After Effects. Then, we’ll dive into animation. This is not a tutorial video or a “how to use After Effects class,” but rather a step by step guide on the process behind designing an animation from one of the most talented animators in New York City. Taking Pedro’s years of experience and forming a 1+ hour class, this Nerdabe course is perfect for intermediate designers that understand the tools but want to learn the art behind motion design and how to elevate their work to the next level.

Design is way more than making something visually pretty. It’s all about solving creative problems. This is the perfect opportunity to learn the motion design skills behind an animation project and relate these techniques to your own work.

8 lessons will take you through:
- Analyze the Brief & Create your Concept
- Collecting References
- Planning & Thumbnailing
- Sketching & Storyboarding
- Finalizing Storyboards & Adding Color
- Creating an Animatic
- File Structure & Rigging
- Animating in After Effects
→ After Effects
→ Photoshop
→ Pen & paper (optional)
A graphic designer by formation, Pedro worked his way to the animation and illustration industry by experimenting with clients such as Google, Nike, Snapchat and NBC, to name a few.

Driven by creative curiosity, he finds the most fulfilling part of being an artist is to create stories people can relate to. His latest short film, Grab My Hand: A Letter to My Dad has recently won a few awards in the festival circuit.