Ideate, Iterate, Illustrate
with Kervin Brisseaux
1h 19m — 7 Lessons In English
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You might recognize Kervin’s work from places like Adobe, New Balance, EA Sports, and more. In Kervin’s Nerdabe course, he’ll show you his creative techniques as a designer with useful tips and tricks to enhance your illustration process.

Kervin will walk you through the creation of an original piece of art; a futuristic-cyberpunk samurai. We’ll start by gathering inspiration and conducting research to quickly develop a general art direction. Next, Kervin will walk through the sketching process and collaging ideas to get a sense of scale, composition, and color. He also shares some useful tips for anyone using Adobe Fresco & Photoshop. We’ll move into inking the final image and then exploring color options and final touches.

This class is for anyone looking to refine their illustration and design process. It’s a perfect class to apply all of these techniques and practices into your everyday work as a designer and/or illustrator.

6 video lessons include:
- Gather your Inspiration
- Iterate your Concepts
- Refine your Concepts
- Ink your Work
- Color & Finalize: Part 1
- Color & Finalize: Part 2
→ In this class Kervin uses an iPad, Adobe Fresco & Photoshop but you can follow along with your illustration tools of choice.
Kervin Brisseaux
Kervin Brisseaux is a designer, illustrator, and the Associate Design Director at Vault49, a world-renowned brand design agency in New York and London. At Vault, Kervin develops creative solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands, including Diageo, Pepsi, and Uniqlo. He also moonlights as a freelance designer, partnering with clients across a variety of industries, including Adobe, New Balance, EA Sports, Nickelodeon, MTV, ESPN, and more.

Kervin is a proud first-generation Haitian-American whose illustration style incorporates influences from fashion, music, and other facets of pop culture. He thrives in collaboration and enjoys working with other talented artists. Kervin’s design background is rooted in eight years of architectural study, having earned a Bachelor’s degree from Catholic University and a Master’s degree from Syracuse University. He is a hobbyist who pushes his creative boundaries through photography and DJing, and has been tapped as a lecturer by the likes of 99u, Adobe Max, the Shawn Carter Foundation, and Greater Together Milwaukee. Kervin lives in New York City with his wife Mariel and two cats, Marvin and Xena.