Packaging Design: From Client Brief to Print
with Macaroni Creative
45m 4s — 9 Lessons In English
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If you’ve been looking for a complete course on packaging design, look no further. This 45-minute class covers everything from receiving a client brief, to moodboarding, to creating a Primary Display Panel (PDP) and finally, sending to print.

Macaroni Creative will give you all of their masterful tips and advice to not only create an elevated, exceptional packaging design, but also provide top service to your clients and ways you can receive feedback for your next packaging project.

Ron and Mackenzie will walk you through one of their original packaging designs for a fictitious vegan ice cream brand: Sweet Seed. They will also provide downloadable assets for your packaging design journey after this course:
- Client Discovery Questions
- FDA website resources
- Exclusive “Print Ready” checklist
- Macaroni Creative client presentation PDF

This is a perfect class for packaging design beginners who are looking to learn more about the overall process, or for more experienced designers wanting to elevate their own design method and take a peek into this husband and wife’s start-to-finish process.

9 lessons will take you through:
- Introduction
- Getting to Know your Clients
- Moodboarding
- Initial Design Concepts & PDP Design
- Designing the Full Label
- Mocking Up Designs
- Presenting to the Client
- Printing
- Conclusion
→ Adobe Suite
Macaroni Creative
Macaroni Creative is a husband and wife design team based out of New York. For the past six years they have worked to build successful brand identities, packaging systems and websites for a broad range of clients in the food and beverage industry.