Socially Relevant Editorial Illustration
with Daniel Zender
50m 50s — 9 Lessons In English
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Socially relevant editorial illustrations can be found in magazines, newspapers, online publications and more. Daniel Zender takes his years of experience as an artist to craft this course that overviews the entire process of editorial design. So whether you're new to editorial illustrations or are a seasoned designer, you'll unlock a new set of skills to apply to your next big project.

In this Nerdabe class, Daniel will start with a creative brief. He’ll show us his method for analyzing and reading text from a client, as well as some tips and tricks for how you can better analyze a brief from your own clients.

Next, Daniel will show us his research process. What visuals are cliché? What visuals have already been made? And how can you approach creative problems with new and innovative solutions? From there, Daniel will walk us through sketching and revising his work, and give meaningful tips and tricks to apply to real-life situations with your own work.

This is the perfect class for anyone who wants to add more meaning to their illustrations, to understand the process behind socially relevant editorial illustrations, or to simply refine their creative/design process.

Materials Note:
*This entire class can be executed digitally with your illustration tool of choice, but Daniel works with mixed media tools such as paper, pencil, and spray paint.
→ Sketchbook & pencil (or a digital illustration tool of your choice)
→ Scanner (optional)
→ Photoshop or something equivalent
Daniel Zender
Daniel Zender is an artist, living and working in Brooklyn, NY, whose work includes editorial and commercial illustration, graphic design, printmaking, painting, and sculpture. He is the recipient of silver and gold medals from the Society of Illustrators and the Art Directors Club Young Guns award. Clients include the New York Times, New Yorker, Vice, The Baffler, Nike, Adidas, Facebook, and Google, as well as many other editorial and commercial work from a variety of clients. He is a professor of illustration and graphic design at Queens College in New York City.